March 24th

5 amazing spots for rollerblading in Amsterdam

We've asked Thisissoul to select Amsterdam’s top 5 inline skating spots. Check out the list!

Amsterdam is one of the best places for rollerblading in the world. Nothing beats hitting the streets of Amsterdam on your blades. There are many popular squares and parks in the city center, but there is more! The outer boroughs such as North, Zuid-Oost and Amstel require a little more inside knowledge of where to go, but are definitely worth it.


Thisissoul’s Ivo Vegter helped us in selecting 5 ‘must skate’ spots in the city. All have special features, so check them out!


Spot: Olympiaplein

Urban factor: 9

Olympiaplein is the epicenter of the blading scene. For years skaters come together  every Thursday to skate together. Moreover it’s a place where many kids first tried the sport, as it is a popular spot for skate lessons.

The park was originally developed by an inline skater and has all skaters are looking for with long quarter pipes and grind boxes with coping on top. During Urban Sports Week Amsterdam this will be the location for the Olympia Games, bringing the best pro skaters of the Netherlands together for some ultimate park inline action. For the Olympia Games some temporary obstacles will be added to the park.


Spot: Museumplein

Urban factor: 7

The Museum Square features one of the sweetest mini ramps in the country. Each day inline skaters can be found here working on their tricks. If you ride this ramp for the first time, you’ll feel how nicely waxed the coping is.

On this 12m wide ramp the NK Spine Ramp contest will be held during USWA, combining technical tricks on the coping and big air tricks along the spine.

Spot: VU curbs

Urban factor: 7

The VU University is one of the newly discovered skate spots of Amsterdam. It’s the perfect place for those who like curbs. Here you can find curbs gliding so smooth that they enable you to grind a couple of meters. This area is one of Jaro Frijn’s favorites. The newly crowned Winterclash Junior champion can be found here frequently, trying out new tricks.


Spot: Amstel

Urban factor: 8

The number of skate spots around Amsterdam Amstel railway station are countless. Skaters consider the Amstel area as one skate spot, but in fact it’s a combination of many smaller spots. Amstel is the place where multiple legendary real street competitions have taken place in the past. On May 1 it will be the meeting point for some of Europe’s top skaters, as it is one of the spots for Real Street. Bladers will be rippin’ the obstacles here, especially the long and steep handrails. This makes Amstel infamous among inline skaters.


Spot: Thisissoul shop

Urban factor: 8

Thisissoul is situated in Amsterdam North. It’s the only true Bladeshop in the world. It’s a place for bladers to be inspired, to try out different styles and to be infected by the blade virus. It’s the perfect place to meet other skaters, or just to make fun on the grind boxes in front of the store.

Some of the best Dutch inline skaters are represented in the Thisissoul Team, taking part in competitions in the Netherlands and other European countries. Among the riders are Jaro Frijn, Rik van Huik, Levi van Rijn and Erik Droogh.


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