March 31st

Discover Amsterdam’s best streetball courts

With the nice weather fast approaching, the streetball season is getting underway shortly. Check out Amsterdam’s top spots for 3x3 basketball.

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in the world in 3x3 basketball. Amsterdam can be considered as the country’s hotspot of the sport with numerous outdoor courts, playgrounds and parks where basketball is played every day.


We asked Friend of USWA Jesper Jobse to select his 5 favorite spots for playing basketball in open air in Amsterdam. Check out the list and play on the same courts as some of the best Dutch streetball players.


Spot: Ceintuurbaan

Urban factor: 9

The Ceintuurbaan is a favorite spot for many players, where you can see some high quality basketbal. Whether you win or lose, nothing beats the feeling of playing here on a warm summer night. It’s a real urban spot, where the bustling city life can be felt on the court. The atmosphere compares to squares in New York.

During USWA a lot of basketball activities will take place at the Ceintuurbaan. On Sunday May 1 this will be the venue for competition matches, open court sessions, clinics and contests.


Spot: Betondorp

Urban factor: 7

When the weather is good the Cruyff Court in Betondorp is a great place to practice. It’s one of the sweetest squares in Amsterdam and a great spot to work on your skills. What makes this spot extra special is that it’s really close to the place where the legendary Johan Cruyff used to live and train as a youngster. That fact is a source of inspiration for every athlete! The Cruyff Court is located just below the highway, giving it that little extra urban touch.


Spot: Museum Square

Urban factor: 8

Historically the Museum Square has always been the ultimate spot for basketball of Amsterdam. It’s a great stage to show your skills, as there are always plenty of people passing by or sitting next to the court to watch the games. On Saturday April 30 this will be the spot for 3x3 Open Court, giving everybody the chance to shine at Urban Sports Week Amsterdam!


Spot: Olympic Stadion

Urban factor: 7

The Olympic Stadium is where Streetball Masters Amsterdam is taking place each year. The tournament is considered one of the strongest events on the calendar, with a lot of international teams taking part. Playing in front of the 1928 Olympic Stadium is something special for all players, making them dream of 3x3 basketball featuring at the Olympic Games one day.


Spot: Hoekrodenplein

Urban factor: 8

The Hoekrodenplein is situated in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost and a popular spot for 3x3 events! The ArenA Boulevard  features as a location for USWA and is also the site for the finals of the Streetball Masters Tour on June 23 and the qualifying matches for the European Championships in early June. For these events a temporary court is set next to the Bijlmer metro station, bringing shoppers, business people and locals together courtside.