March 29th

ISH connects dance and urban sports at USWA

The ISH Dance Collective by director, choreographer and performer Marco Gerris is partnering with Urban Sports Week Amsterdam.

ISH is a collective of individuals which has been developing multidisciplinary dance performances since 2000, appealing to a broad and diverse audience. Its theater and school performances combine multiple dance styles, street disciplines and other forms of movement.


For Urban Sports Week Amsterdam ISH is setting up a spectacular opening combining breakdance, BMX and freestyle basketball, three of the many sports featuring on the program that week in Amsterdam.


The works of ISH are closely related to Urban Sports Week Amsterdam. ISH brings skills from the street to the stage, connecting them with established art forms. This cross-over is the essence of ISH.


Soon ISH will bring the succesfull show Elements of Freestyle back on stage. In this spectacular show skaters, freerunners and BMX riders have a prominent role. Elements of Freestyle is about those happy seconds in which a difficult trick finally succeeds. It’s about total focus, ecstatic moments and the feeling of freedom. A combination of breakdancing, inline skating, freestyle basketball, acrobatics, BMX and freerunning will let the audience discover the trick behind the trick.


Artistic Director of ISH is Marco Gerris. Not only does Gerris excites as a dancer, in the late nineties he was one of the top inline skaters in the Netherlands, becoming Dutch champion Freestyle skating. Recently Gerris was member of the jury in two popular television shows: 'So You Think You Can Dance' and ‘The Freestyle Games’.


As Friend of USWA Marco Gerris is closely involved in the new event. He is the representative of the non-sport urban activities during the Urban Sports Week. ‘I look forward to my role as ambassador of Urban Sports Week Amsterdam', Gerris said. 'I have a background in this scene and with ISH I have been working with extreme sports and urban sports since day one.'


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