March 28th

Topscore goes urban

The first edition of USWA gets underway in exactly one month. In the run-up to the event Topscore Amsterdam gets kids involved in urban activities across the city.

Topscore - Urban Sports clinics


Urban Sports Week Amsterdam is far more than a regular sporting event. It’s a place where the best urban athletes can show their skills, but it’s above all an opportunity to get to know the great diversity of urban sports in Amsterdam. There will be clinics, demos and workshops open for all.


Ahead of the Urban Sports Week, Topscore organizes urban sports activities in different neighborhoods in Amsterdam. These activities include Freerunning, BMX, inline skating, skateboarding, 3x3 basketball and street tennis. Urban sports are also being included into Physical Education classes at schools in Amsterdam. 75% of secondary schools in Amsterdam will be focusing  on urban sports via Topscore activities.


Topscore Amsterdam enables children to experience which sports suit them best, giving them the chance to get to know the ins and outs of different sports. The Topscore program includes sports varying from football, tennis and rowing to dancing, fight sports and athletics. Clinics and demos are organized at schools and after school hours at various sports clubs.


The urban sports program has been put together especially for USWA in co-operation with the urban communities. Over the last weeks Topscore organized clinics for BMX, inline skating and skateboarding in Nieuw-West, Noord and Oost. The program for the coming month can be found online.


All activities are free of charge. Topscore provides materials, such as BMX bikes, skates and balls. All participants receive a free Urban sports T-shirt.


So if you want to learn the ins and outs of your urban sport of choice, register for a free course now!