March 26th

USWA interview: Daniël Wedemeijer

BMX Freestyle rider Daniël Wedemeijer from Amsterdam is Friend of USWA. He can’t attend himself, but fully backs the Urban Sports Week.

USWA Athlete profile: Daniel Wedemeijer

Play How excited are you about this first edition of Urban Sports Week Amsterdam?

Daniël Wedemeijer: “It’s great for Amsterdam and it’s great for urban sports to have this new event coming to town! It offers a stage to young talent to gain experience in high profile competitions and to show their skills. Everybody needs places to learn, to improve and test himself. That’s something BMX riders have been missing for too long in Amsterdam. That’s why I fully support this initiative.”


Unfortunately, you can’t be there yourself.

“I’ll be taking part in Simple Sessions in Estonia that week. For BMX this is one of the main events of the year. I had to miss it last year due to an injury, but I’m happy to be back. This is where top riders from all over the world come together. For me it’s a great chance to see how I currently stand among those guys.”


You are an inspiration for many young riders in the scene. Who were the riders you did look up to yourself?

“To be honest I did not have an idol when I started BMX at the age of 14. My goal has always been to improve myself and to learn new things. The best thing of BMX is to go out with friends and to push each other to reach new heights. Watching other riders can be highly instructive though. There is a lot of talent out there! I think Urban Sports Week Amsterdam can give a push to the popularity of BMX in the Netherlands. It’s a great chance to show kids how much fun urban sports are.”


What is your favorite BMX spot in Amsterdam?

“The Marnix Bowl holds a special place in my heart. I’m grew up in Amsterdam and this was the place where I first learned the sport. I think I have spent a full year of my life out there. Although there are many great outdoor spots, it’s a real pity we don’t have an indoor venue for urban sports anymore. All fans of action sports in Amsterdam are hoping for one to be built in near future.”


What other urban sport would you like to try yourself one day?

“That would be skateboarding or inline skating. These are the sports closest to BMX. I think it would be cool to experience how those guys feel when riding the same course as we do on our bikes. ”


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