April 26th

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Don't miss a moment of Urban Sports Week Amsterdam. Here’s how to keep up the with all the action!

The first edition of Urban Sports Week Amsterdam will take place from April 28-May 2 at 22 locations across Amsterdam. With so much going on here is how you can keep up with all the action.


The best way of staying up-to-date is obviously by joining the fun in Amsterdam. Check the timetable for an overview of all events over the course of five days. However, you don’t have to be in Amsterdam to catch all the action as we will be showing all what’s happening at the Urban Sports Week extensively via social media.


Follow the latest highlights, results, amazing images and info on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. All the latest stories will feature on www.urbansportsweekamsterdam.com.


The Urban Sports Week Amsterdam is working with Nomobo to bring amazing video coverage. You can check out all the videos and exclusive interviews with some of our biggest stars in urban sports on the USWA YouTube channel.


On Saturday there will be live streaming of the NK Boulder via YouTube, with live commentary.


If you’re looking for more news and photos of USWA download the Tiphosi app (IOS only). Tiphosi will bring you the best images and highlights of every day.


Do you want to join the conversation? Use #USWA2016 and #WeGoUrban to share your thoughts, photos and videos. Share your shots and clips with friends on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #WeGoUrban and you’ll have the chance to win great prizes.