April 07th

Looking for freerunning spots?

Stop searching! We’ve put together the ultimate list of spots for freerunning in Amsterdam.

The possibilities for freerunning in Amsterdam are almost endless. All across the city you can find great spots to train and improve your skills and to try new jumps. Some spots are only for experienced freerunners, others suit beginners as well.


To help you in finding your way through the city, we selected 5  freerunning spots, with help of Back2Basics’ Luciano Balestra.


Johnny Spot

Urban factor: 8

This spot near Weesperplein is one of the most famous freerunning areas in Amsterdam! The chill atmosphere and great variation of distances makes Johnny Spot the perfect place for everyone. It’s the place where freerunners practice their moves until they master them. Here freerunners can combine their spectacular jumps with amazing runs.

Johnny Spot is ‘’the place to be’’ on a sunny day!


Amstel Spot

Urban factor: 9

Every international freerunner who visited Amsterdam has seen this spot. Between the large buildings of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and the Rembrandt Tower there is an underground bicycle storage. At the exit of this storage there can be found big stairs with several handrails and walls at different heights. Much adrenaline is guaranteed for the freerunners.

Amstel spot is THE location for their big jumps!


IJburg Spot

Urban factor: 7

This place is actually a playground for children, but it’s just the perfect place for freerunners. The soil is perfectly packed to do flips and the wooden beams are sweet to practice precision jumps. The way how the playground is built gives freerunners a lot of options in lines to test out.

If you want to practice flips or precision moves this is the place for you!


Vrog Spot

Urban factor: 7

Vrog is the first indoor freerunning location in Amsterdam. It’s a place where you can train when the weather is bad. Vrog is a perfect place to train runs. The obstacles can be change, so freerunners are able to alter the venue to their preferences. Every first Wednesday of the month Vrog is where all freerunners of Amsterdam come together to train.


Lelylaan spot

Urban factor: 8

Lelylaan is one of the only spots in Amsterdam with horizontal bars. Freerunners use these bars to swing and fly high and land precisely on an obstacle. Besides the bars there is a covered area with small walls where you can do all kinds of jumps. It’s a sweet spot, especially for more experienced freerunners.