April 04th

Run, climb and jump at Wibautstraat

A new temporary freerun park has been opened at the Wibautstraat. It will be used extensively for freerunning clinics and is one of the venues for USWA.

The temporary playground for freerunning and parkour is set up at the Wibautstraat, next to HVA Kohnstammhuis. The course combines elements of climbing, jumping and freerunning into an urban playground. The obstacles were installed by Yalp and commissioned by the city of Amsterdam which aims at introducing the sport of freerunning to schools.


Freerunner Philip van Ees provided a clinic for secondary school teachers on Friday, opening the playground. It was the first of many activities which will be held here over the next month.


Ahead of Urban Sports Week Amsterdam (April 28 - May 2) clinics will be organized at the Wibautstraat by Sportservice Amsterdam for pupils of both primary and secondary schools. The clinics are aimed at teaching the basics of freerunning.


If no clinics are taking place the playground is open to the public and parkour and freerunning athletes, giving them the chance to run, climb, swing and jump their way through the course.


During Urban Sports Week Amsterdam the outdoor freerunning facility will be the stage for VROG. On Friday April 29 workshops in freerunning and parkour will be given by experienced freerunners.