April 13th

The 5 best skateboard spots in Amsterdam

For skateboarders the city of Amsterdam is like an outdoor playground with plenty of great areas for doing tricks. With so much choice, selecting the best 5 spots wasn’t easy!

There a not many skateboarders who know Amsterdam better than Finn Visser 't Hooft. Riding his bike and carrying his skateboard with him, Finn is always looking for new spots in the city.


Together with Finn we selected 5 spots that give skateboarders the chance to combine rough urban spots with some well-known places in town.




Olympiaplein is a great spot and with its flat ground it’s perfect to practice your tricks. The Olympiaplein skatepark is big in size, which makes it possible for a lot of people to hangout at the same time. You can also try out soccer, skateboarding, BMX and rollerblading at this spot. Often skateboarders use Olympiaplein as a meeting spot and then go separate ways to discover the streets of Amsterdam.


De Nederlandsche Bank

At De Nederlandsche Bank there are endless curbs to grind or manual on. Some parts of this spot are covered, which makes skateboarding possible when it’s raining. Unfortunately skateboarding at this spot is only allowed after 6 PM, when the bank is closed. However, the  spot is lit up after dark, which makes it a perfect place to skateboard at night.


RAI Amsterdam

At the RAI you can find curbs with a nice drop, which can be used as a manual pad. The curbs at the RAI have different heights and can be skated by skateboarders at every skill level. For addicts looking for more challenges there are bendy curbs as well.


Sloterdijk curbs

Sloterdijk and its surroundings are perfect for filming lines of several tricks executed one after another. You can find stone curbs at this spot and the grass makes it even more attractive for filming. What’s convenient as well is that it’s easy to get there by taking metro line 50.


City of Amsterdam

For Friend of the USWA, Finn Visser 't Hooft, the entire city of Amsterdam is a spot on its own. In Amsterdam there are plenty of cool places and newly built spots that attract the attention of skateboarders. If you want to tour the city on your skateboard download the ‘Skate Maps’ app. This application enables skateboarders not so familiar with Amsterdam to find sweet places to skateboard.