April 12th

USWA interview: Daan Rigter

One of the most exciting events during Urban Sports Week Amsterdam is the Urban Wake Session: wakeboarding on the Amsterdam canals.

Urbansportsweekamsterdam.com: Riding on the Amsterdam canals must be special for every wakeboarder.

Daan Rigter: “I have been a team rider for Liquid Force for 10 years, travelling the world to shoot videos and make photos for magazines and websites, but this will be pretty special indeed. Our sport has grown in popularity over the years, both internationally and in the Netherlands. To further develop wakeboarding we are trying new things and organizing spectacular events like Urban Wake Session.”


How important is it for wakeboarding to be part of USWA?

“Showing tricks on the canals in Amsterdam is a great way to gain attention for wakeboarding and reach new audiences. The Haarlemmerweg is a real urban spot. It’s obviously smaller than most other spots used for wakeboarding, but it’s really central with a lot of people passing by.”


How big of a technical challenge is it to organize a wakeboard event in the heart of Amsterdam?

“There are quite some requirements. I design and build obstacles myself with my company Park Solutions, so I'm familiar with coping with these challenges. We’ve managed to create a spectacular setting. The competitors will be pulled by a highly sophisticated winch, which drags them with an average speed of 32 km/h. This winch has been developed by a student from the Delft University of Technology."


What will the course look like?

“The track is approximately 100m long, with riders going both ways. Hereby we are able to provide almost continuous action to the crowd. There will be two spectacular wake park obstacles: a kicker for jumps and a so called rooftop for sliding.”


What action can we expect on Saturday April 30 during the Urban Wake Session?

"The aim of the Urban Wake Session is mainly to put on a great show, displaying wakeboarding to as many people as possible. There will be great demos performed by 11 riders. Fans can expect jumps up to 15m. It’s all about the show, but we’ll finish with a competition with all riders doing a full lap over the course. The guys will give all they’ve got during this Best Line Contest. Everybody wants to become the first ever winner of wakeboarding at Urban Sports Week Amsterdam!”