April 28th

USWA interview: Eric van der Burg

Amsterdam alderman of Sport, Eric van der Burg is the looking forward to 5 days of urban sports in Amsterdam.

Has Amsterdam become an urban sports city?

“Amsterdam is trying its best to become an urban sports city! The Urban Sports Week is a next step in achieving this goal. This week we’ll have great number of urban activities going on in the city. In the meantime we are creating new facilities for urban sports. At the Zeeburgereiland we are opening a brand new urban sports park next year. Alongside the many classical sports we’re having in Amsterdam, we hope to providing new sports a podium in the city. Whether it’s BMX, 3x3 basketball or freerunning, we are giving all these sports the attention they deserve during the Urban Sports Week.”


The USWA motto is 'the city is a playground'. How does this apply to Amsterdam?

“In Amsterdam we do not only play sports in stadiums and sports grounds, we consider the city as a playground. The Vondelpark may be the biggest sport ground of the country with so many people walking, running, cycling and skating there every day. People use the entire city as a venue for sports, whether it’s running, skating or skateboarding.”


Why is it important to have an event like USWA?

“It’s important to give everybody the chance to take part in the sports he or she likes. Urban sports are ideal for people who have a preference for individual sports over team sports. It’s important to showcase urban sports to the people in Amsterdam and the rest of the country. The Urban Sports Week can really help in achieving that goal.”


This week the first edition of USWA gets underway, what is the ultimate ambition with this event?

“Hopefully the Urban Sports Week can become a tradition, giving a great platform to urban sports every year. The ultimate goal in the years to come is to make all fans of urban sports aware that they should be in Amsterdam during USWA.”


What urban sport would you like to try yourself?

“I’m a runner myself, so I think freerunning would suit me best. 3x3 basketball is another sport I think I could manage. However, I’ll leave sports like inline skating and skateboarding to others!”