April 24th

USWA interview: Jaro Frijn

Jaro Frijn is one of the hottest urban talents of the moment. The 15-year-old inline skater from Amsterdam can’t wait to show what he’s got at the Urban Sports Week.

Real Street Amsterdam 2016 trailer


Urbansportsweekamsterdam.com: Are you ready for USWA?

Jaro Frijn: “Absolutely! I can’t wait for the Urban Sports Week to get underway. The last time a big inline competition was organized in Amsterdam was in 2007. I’m stoked that we’ll have all these great events coming to the city where I grew up. Hopefully the Urban Sports Week will inspire more people to get involved in inline skating.”


What events will you compete in next week?

“I’ll be taking part in all inline skating events during the Urban Sports Week. In the Dutch Open Championships Spine Ramp and the Olympia Games I’m targeting a top result. These events are held at spots I really know well. I live 10 minutes away from the Museum Square and just 3 minutes away from the Olympiaplein. These are the places where I train almost every day.”


You are featuring in a cool promo video of the Real Street competition. That looks like great fun!

“Real Street will be a lot of fun indeed, with prizes for the worst slam, most creative trick and for best junior of the day. Friday night will be great fun as well with  the Get Out The Way contest. I am forming a team with my friend August van der Velden. We’ll be skating from the Museum Square to the Westerpark and sharing all sorts of tricks on Instagram on the way.”


How important is social media for inline skaters these days?

“It’s really part of being an inline skater in 2016. By sharing photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook we are promoting our sport around the world. Compared to the guys in BMX and skateboarding we have some catching up to do, but there are more and more skaters shooting great videos!”


This winter you were crowned junior world champion. So what’s next?

“I hope to travel for my sport and visit as much countries as possible by skating. However, I have no ambitions for becoming a professional skater just now. I’m still skating in the junior categories and in a couple of years I’ll join the amateur ranks and we’ll see what happens next. At the moment I really enjoy competitions with guys like Randy Zoller. He’s my main opponent. We’re having some great battles.”


What other urban sport would you like to try yourself one day?

“I started inline skating at the age of 6, but I tried skateboarding and BMX as well. I still like watching BMX riders in action as they fly so high. Even for skaters that looks pretty terrifying sometimes.”