April 18th

USWA interview: Morene Dekker

Morene Dekker is founder of M&M Stand Up Paddling Amsterdam, the first SUP school in the Netherlands. She is bringing her passion to USWA.

Live Love Sup


Urbansportsweekamsterdam.com: What SUP activities are taking place at USWA?

Morene Dekker: “On Friday night we’ll go out for a SUP tour through the canals of Amsterdam. We have selected a pretty 7.5 km route through Amsterdam, with start and finish at the Westergasfabriek. We’ll cover the distance in approximately 1.5 hours. On Sunday afternoon I’ll be organizing a clinic at the Westergasfabriek for people who are keen on trying supping for the first time. Participation in both events is free of charge.”


Can everybody join the fun?

“On Friday night we have  15 boards available for people who want to join, but you can also use your own board. Bringing a wetsuit is recommended, as the water is still pretty cold at this time of the year. Please note that participation in the Friday Night City Paddle is only open for people who have some previous SUP experience as we don’t want the group to be slowed down too much. Athletes from other urban sports are invited to take part as well. It would be great to have some skateboarders, freerunners and others joining the tour and mingling with stand up paddle boarders. People can register by sending me an email via morene@mm-sup.com.”


What is the best way of learning Stand Up Paddle?

“That would be by joining our clinic on Sunday May 1! In the canal next to the Westergasfabriek we’ll be setting up an area for practicing. The clinic is open for people of all ages and all levels. Stand Up Paddle is a highly accessible sport. You can step up, grab a paddle and go! Supping is easier to learn than surfing or kite surfing. Within an hour you’ll  have the feel for it.”


What makes supping an urban sport?

“Supping is the coolest way to discover a city. I love to go out myself with friends on our board, sup into Amsterdam, hop off for a coffee and continue the tour. It’s a great way to get in shape as well, as it is a full body workout. I know surfers who use supping in their preparation for surfing waves.”


What other urban sport would you like to try yourself?

“I saw that urban crossfit is on the program of the Urban Sports Week. I would be really interested to try that sport one day. Together with my son I’ll definitely come and have a look at BMX Championships flatland at the Westergasfabriek on Friday. Watching these guys doing amazing tricks on their small bikes is so cool!”



Sign up for the Friday Night City Paddle via: morene@mm-sup.com