April 06th

USWA presents: Urban Scene Party

The weekend of USWA starts off with a bang on Friday night with the Urban Scene Party in the Westerunie.

On Friday April 29 you can totally immerse yourself in the urban scene at the Westerunie. Urban lifestyle means taking what’s available, being inspired by the environment and making it yours. Bending rules or no rules at all. Style is the most important factor. It’s all about self-expression!


Music is at the core of this. You’ll be taken on a journey through time from OG Funk to Future Bass & Grime. DJ Redbeard selected only the best live acts & dj’s for a funky juicy bass-infused party. The line-up includes Yung Internet, DJ Redbeard, Rachel Green, Urvinho&Faya, Jazzy Jasper.


Naturally there will be some tricks as well. The evening gets underway with spins and rolls during the Flatland BMX Finals.


Tickets will be for sale at the Westerunie on the night of the party. Until 21:30 entrance is free, after 21:30 tickets are 5,- (cash only).



19:00 - 21:30 Flatland BMX Finals
21:30 - 22:00 Fractal Breakdancing
22:00 - 23:00 Jazzy Jasper
23:00 - 00:30 Urvinho & Faya
00:30 - 01:00 Yung Internet
01:00 - END Rachel Green vs. Captain Redbeard (Back2Back)


Check out the Urban Scene Party Facebook event