April 22nd

USWA supports Fight Cancer

Urban Sports Week Amsterdam and Fight Cancer are working together in making a fist against cancer. Both organizations are committed to get people active in an innovative way.

From April 28-May 2 Urban Sports Week Amsterdam guarantees fun, sports, spectacular shows and stunts at more than 20 locations across the city of Amsterdam.


For Fight Cancer these sorts of challenges are the perfect way to get young people involved in their fight against cancer. One in three people in the Netherlands is faced with cancer. By working together a difference can truly be made.


Fight Cancer is a young and creative foundation for young adults which aims at raising funds for KWF Kankerbestrijding. The motto ‘Love life. Fight cancer.’ shows that the fight against cancer is rewarding and inspires people to get involved.


Fight Cancer wants to make young people aware of the need for fighting cancer and motivates them to join the action. The revenues of Fight Cancer are used by KWF Kankerbestrijding to support academic research and cancer prevention.


More information: www.fightcancer.nl