July 09th

Results qualifications USWA Amsterdam Open Skateboard Contest 2017

Today we've seen the best skateboarders from all over Europe and beyond compete on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. The tournament is part of the second edition of the Urban Sports Week Amsterdam.

Nine Yards Skateparks Co. has built an impressive course over the pond of the museum square. The riders managed to make great use of the stairs, rails, hubba and various creative obstacles. 

Daan van der Linden was the big winner of the day. He managed to win the highest ollie contest (€ 500,- ) and qualify first on the main event. Tomorrow all the qualifiers will battle for no less than €10.000,- price money!

Highest ollie contest:

  1. Daan van der Linden (NED) – 102 cm
  2. Sjoerd Vissers (NED) – 96 cm
  3. Leon Wolters (NED) – 94 cm
  4. Magic van Heeswijk (NED) – 90 cm
  5. Kevin Tshala (BEL) – 90 cm
  6. 6 Laurens Willems (BEL) – 90 cm

Top 10 qualifications USWA Amsterdam Open 2017:

1. Daan van der Linden
2. Richard Tury
3. Rob Maatman
4. Lucas Alves
5. Matias del Olio
6. Jip Koorevaar
7. Maxim Kruglov
8. Tim Zom
9. Rysan Marien
10. Roger da Silva


Sunday July 9th
10.00 – 13.00 training
13.00 – 14.30 semi finals
15.00 – 15.30 finals
15.30 – 16.00 best trick
USWA Amsterdam Open Skateboard Contest 2017 is organized by Skateboard Federation Netherlands in cooperation with TIG Sports.