July 09th

Saturday's Soulcycle BMX Final Results

After another busy day of competing against one another we saw the different BMX competitions come to a close. Here are Saturday's results:

USWA 2017 Soulcycle BMX Spine Miniramp contest results:

1. Daniel Dhers (VEN)

2. Kostya Andreev (RUS)

3. Daniel Wedemeijer (NED)

4. Kenneth Tancré (BEL)

5. Andres Pardo (COL)

6. Victor Munoz (CHL)

7. Iki Mazza (ARG)

8. Kevin Liehn (GER)

9. Niels van Maren (NED)

10. Jari Roggeveen (NED)

11. Pim Scheers (NED)

12. Sem Kok (NED)

13. Tom Selbeck (NED)

14. Steffen Buyle (BEL)

15. Arthur van Velden (NED)

16. Gilles Theys (BEL)


USWA 2017 Soulcycle BMX Park contest results:

1. Kostya Andreev (RUS)

2. Daniel Dhers (VEN)

3. Tom van de Bogaard (NED)

4. Paul Thoelen (GER)

5. Cam Peake (GBR)

6. Daniel Wedemeijer (NED)

7. Victor Munoz (CHL)

8. Kenneth Tancré (BEL)

9. Steffen Buyle (BEL)

10. Arjan Ellens (NED)

11. Iki Mazza (ARG)


USWA 2017 Soulcycle BMX Dirt contest results:

1. Konrad Szabo (HUN)

2. Kostya Andreev (RUS)

3. Tom van den Bogaard (NED)

4. Kenneth Tancé (BEL)

5. Paul Thoelen (GER)

6. Victor Munoz (CHL)

7. Cam Peake (GBR)

8. Arjan Ellens (NED)

9. Charlie Ash (GBR)

10. Iki Mazza (ARG)

11. Shapol (COL)

12. Tobi Merz (AUT)



Source: http://www.fatbmx.com/bmx-freestyle