July 09th

Saturdays's Inline Skate Spine Ramp Contest Results

The Inline Skate Spine ramp contest saw some great skaters competing against one another. Here are the results of that contest:

USWA 2017 Inline Skate Spine Ramp Contest:

  1. Danny Aldridge (UK)
  2. Romain Godanaire (FR)
  3. Roman Abrata (FR)
  4. Jaro Frijn (NED)
  5. Sem Kroft (NED)
  6. Erik Droogh (NED)
  7. Remy Cadier (NED)
  8. Donny Straube (NED)
  9. Tristan Verbunt (NED)
  10. Diego Guilloud (SUI)