Friends of USWA

The Urban Sports Week Amsterdam is proud to announce the involvement of six urban heroes.

Top athletes from six of the sports and communities involved in the Urban Sports Week Amsterdam have committed themselves to this new initiative. Check out the star-studded list of urban athletes promoting the first edition of USWA!  


Marco Gerris

Sport: Dance

Instagram: Marcoish1


Sven Boekhorst

Sport: Inline Skating

Instagram: svenboekhorst


Daniel Wedemeijer

Sport: BMX

Age: 26

Instagram: danielwedemeijerbmx


Bart van der Linden

Sport: Freerunning

Instagram: thebartlife 


Finn Visser ’t Hooft

Sport: Skateboarding

Instagram: finnliner


Jesper Jobse

Sport: 3x3 Basketball

Instagram: jesperjobse