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Saturday July 08 2017 (12:15 till 23:00)

Semi Finals NK Boulder Ladies

Apollohal, Apollolaan 4, Amsterdam (Show on map) Free entrance
Bouldering is one of the three disciplines in Competition Sport Climbing. The other two are Lead and Speed. Bouldering resembles the essence of climbing for comprising the ultimate hard and complex climbing moves. The playground has 4,5 meter height climbing walls which are secured with falling mats, no ropes required. Falling is mandatory, this is one of the reasons why bouldering is great to watch.

Watch the National Championship Boulder live at the Apollohal. The best Dutch climbers will encounter four extremely difficult and spectacular climbing problems per round. The athletes have to climb to the top to earn the national title. The semi-final for the women starts at 12h15. The men’s semi-final begins at 15h00. Both rounds have free entrance. The final round for both men and women starts at 20h30. For Tickets for the final and the livestream of the final go to 



The Appolohal opens at 10:30

Ladies semi-final starts at 12:15

Men's semi-final starts at 15:00

Finals start at 20:30 (Tickets Mandatory)


Full USWA Program: USWA 2017 Program