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Sunday July 09 2017 (19:00 till 20:00)

USWA Freerunning TAG Championships Finals

EYE, IJpromenade 1, Amsterdam (Show on map) Free entrance
USWA 2017 Freerunning is going to be an event for kids & Pro's. During the day we will provide workshops for kids to learn more about freerunning. In the afternoon the Pro's will arrive and we wil then start with the first Dutch Championship Tag. The competition will be an one on one match. The goal is to tag your opponent as fast as possible. The competition will be held on a specifically designed course. If you don't want to participate be sure to come and watch!

Freerunning, is best described as a discipline of free movement in which practitioners use the city and rural landscape to train and play with any movements. The movements normally focus on getting from point A to point B in a safe, efficient and sometimes acrobatic way. It borrows movements from a lot of different disciplines like acrobatics, tricking, breakdance and capoeira.


At 10:00 the Freerunning kids program will commence. The cost for participation is €10 per child. The session for the children will end at 15:00 because at this stage the pro's will start their training for the finals. The finals will start at 19:00 so make sure you are there! 


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