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Thursday July 06 2017 (09:00 till 18:00)

USWA Urban Playground Day 1

Museumplein, Museumplein, Amsterdam (Show on map) Free entrance
The Urban Playground is open to anyone to try out new Urban Sports. The Urban Playground will be open daily between 09:00 - 18:00.

The type of sports that will be available at the Urban Playground on Thursday are:



Exciting, urban and innovative, 3x3 is inspired by several forms of streetball played worldwide and is considered the world’s number one urban team sport.



Bouldering is one of the three disciplines in Competition Sport Climbing. The other two are Lead and Speed. Bouldering resembles the essence of climbing for comprising the ultimate hard and complex climbing moves.



Calisthenics are exercises consisting of a variety of gross motor movements—running standing, grasping, pushing, etc.—often performed rhythmically and generally without equipment or apparatus. They are, in essence, body-weight training.



Breakdance originally developed as a street dance in New York in the 1970s. It has since become one of the most popular dance styles on the planet. It consists of high energy dance moves like head spins, freezes, worms, moonwalks and windmills.


Inline Skating

All you need is to strap some wheels under your feet and you are ready to have some fun. Explore the city fast or do some amazing dare devil tricks like jumping, spinning or grinding.



This sport uses a table very similar to that of table tennis, but with the players striking a 16 cm rubber ball with their head. The tactics of tennis and table tennis are involved, as well as soccer element, the header.



Longboarding is the sport/hobby of riding a long skateboard.  Skateboarding evolved from surfing and became popular in the 70’s.


Olympact Exhibition

Olympact Foundation has a mission to help the Olympics. The Exhibition held during USWA is intended to address the social impact Olympic buildings have on their environment. Part of the expo is that we want to use children ideas to show a different perspective on how these stadiums can be build. The question to the children was: How to ensure that olympic buildings contribute to a better life for the people in the Olympic city.


Urban Football

Play 5 a side football in a fun and unique setting. At FC Urban we don’t work with specific times and team duties. We are all about enjoying a fun game of football in an urban spot.


Urban Hockey 

The Urban Hockey experience is a new challenging and cool form of hockey played on the streets. The different types of Urban Hockey are; Street-hockey 3v3 and 5v5, Urban Skills & Tricks, Urban Challenges & Battles and Urban Parkour’s.



Using specially-designed aluminum sticks, the game is similar to lacrosse, only instead of a ball you’re throwing and catching an engineered, aerodynamic double-decker disc. Spread out or play close, the disc can fly up to 30 yards. 


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