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Breakdance originally developed as a street dance in New York in the 1970s. It has since become one of the most popular dance styles on the planet. It consists of high energy dance moves like head spins, freezes, worms, moonwalks and windmills.

The incredible intensity of the dancers combined with gymnastic moves give a wow factor to the performances.

One of the most important aspects of breakdancing are the battles, with two or more dancers showing their skills and a judge deciding who is the winner. However, just as cool as the battles are the shows with breakdancers giving all they've got.



Hip Hop and breakdance fans should come to Museum square on Thursday 6th July at 15:00. The Kick-off of the preliminary rounds is at 16:30. The final will be held in the 3x3 basketball stadium and will start at 20:00. The kids crew Rhythem Souldjaz will showcase a spectacular opening to the final. The day will be hosted by MC Mario Bee and DJ Nobunaga.

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