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What is longboarding? Longboarding is the sport/hobby of riding a long skateboard. Skateboarding evolved from surfing and became popular in the 70’s. The sport rose and fell in popularity until the mid 90’s, when it gained popularity and has been going strong ever since. Skateboarding itself was the most popular until the mid 2000’s, when longboarding finally started to make a huge scene.

Today, you can find four types of riding styles: transportation (cruising), slolam, freeride, and downhill. Longboards are excellent modes of transportation. Transportation longboards can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Slolam is the discipline of weaving in and out of obstacles. Freeride longboarding is riding with a focus on tricks, slides, and grabs. Downhill/bombing is the most extreme version of longboarding where riders go down long hills at the fastest speeds possible.


Come try out Longboarding on Friday at Vondelpark! Exact location is the entrance on Kattenlaan next to the Tennis courts. 






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